Mediterranean Diet Interventions to Improve Firefighter CVD Risk Profiles

Evaluate the impact of a Mediterranean Diet nutrition intervention on firefighter CVD risk

Feeding America’s Bravest: Mediterranean Diet-based Interventions to Change Firefighters’  Eating Habits and Improve Cardiovascular Risk Profiles

Funding Source: Sub-contract, FEMA #EMW-2014-FP-00612

PI: Stefanos Kales, MD (Harvard University); Co-I: Steven M. Moffatt, MD

Project Purpose:

The ultimate purpose of the study was to lower firefighters’ risks for CVD and cancer by successfully getting more firefighters and their families to adopt and incorporate the healthy eating principles behind the Mediterranean diet.

Project Description:

The Mediterranean Diet Nutritional Intervention (MDNI) overall development strategy was to promote greater understanding, acceptance and adherence to Mediterranean diet principles through multi-pronged MDNIs combining evidence-based behavior change strategies.

The MDNI incorporated diet and lifestyle education; electronic education platforms and electronic reminders; free samples of heart-healthy foods in the firehouse; grocery coupons; and group incentives.

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Cover photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash