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Surveillance of Coronavirus Infection among Indiana Firefighters

Explore the nature and scope of COVID-19 infection and experience among Indiana firefighters

Cancer among Indiana Firefighters: Case-Control Studies

Examine the impact of clinical, occupational, and lifestyle exposures on firefighter cancer

Continuing the Fight Against COVID Together (C-FACT)

Report long-term health effects of COVID-19 and develop Fire Service tools to mitigate risk

First Responder Occupational Injury Prevention Assistantship

Develop a program to mitigate occupational injury risk for first responders


Building Evaluations that Translate Evidence and Research for Health Evaluations and Related Training (BETTER HEART) | develop updated fire service CVD screening guidelines

Mediterranean Diet Interventions to Improve Firefighter CVD Risk Profiles

Evaluate the impact of a Mediterranean Diet nutrition intervention on firefighter CVD risk

Barriers to Healthy Lifestyle Among Overweight and Obese Firefighters

Identify perceived barriers toward weight management for firefighters

Excess Mortality among Indiana Firefighters, 1985-2013

Examine chronic disease deaths among Indiana firefighters from 1985-2013 using state records

Lung Cancer Screening Demonstration Project for Firefighters

Conduct a demonstration project to provide lung cancer screenings to first responders

Pilot Fitness and Nutrition Intervention in Law Enforcement Officers

Deliver a 6-month fitness and nutrition intervention to improve officer cardiovascular health

Non-invasive Identification of LVH/Cardiomegaly in Firefighters

Determine the prevalence of firefighter left ventricular hypertrophy and cardiomegaly