Lung Cancer Screening Demonstration Project for Firefighters

Conduct a demonstration project to provide lung cancer screenings to first responders

    • Completed Projects
    • January 2019
    • cancer, firefighter health, screening

Funding Source: Ascension St. Vincent Foundation

PI: Niraj Gupta, MD (Ascension St. Vincent); Co-I: Steven M. Moffatt, MD; Carolyn M. Muegge, PhD

Project Aim: Provide a screening opportunity to a sample of first responders and learn about key aspects of implementing a Low-Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) lung cancer screening program among public safety professionals.

Project Description:

A sample of first responders (n=43) received a LDCT lung scan and/or completed an exposure and lifestyle questionnaire. Participants were counseled on LDCT results by the ordering physician and then connected to follow-up care as needed. The project team examined the impact of scheduling LDCT lung screenings for first responders on both the fire service and the healthcare system. Clinical and administrative challenges and successes for the program were also documented to guide future screening efforts.


Image from Cleveland Clinic